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VHS Or Beta | Night on Fire | review | electro | Lollipop

VHS Or Beta

Night on Fire (Astralwerks)
by Evan Solochek

While the current influx of throwback new wave electro-rock bands seems to signify a growing trend of bands - and fans, for that matter - embracing the greatness of electro (which is a welcome sight for me), it's nonetheless become a tad too generic a formula. Pigeonholing VHS Or Beta as !!! or Radio 4 with a superior Robert Smith clone for a frontman would be too easy. Now I understand that characterizing a band as the shameless combination of previously established bands is generally not fair, but it's often disturbingly accurate, and by no means meant as a negative portrayal. VHS Or Beta may not be expanding any horizons or breaking down and musical walls, but not every band has to be Radiohead or The Clash. VHS Or Beta is a strutting foursome with raw beats and, now that they've finally added vocals, an infectious croon that brings the melodies to life. They produce vibrant music that you cannot help but dance to and, in my book, if you got that, then you've got it all.


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