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Vader | The Beast | review | metal | Lollipop


The Beast (Metal Blade)
by Tim Den

Another less-than-inventive title, another predictably solid Vader album. Seriously, these guys don't fuck with a good thing. They know what they want to sound like, and nothing is going to change their minds. The Beast is more of the Polish grinding deathsters' hyper-real lyrics, old school meets new school meets black metal speed insanity, thrashing half-steps, and tri-tones for 37 minutes and then BAM! Back to the studio to record some more just like it. A few surprises this time around, though: The almost melodic riffs of "Dark Transmission," the tranquil parts of "The Sea Came in at Last" (great tune with great lyrics), and the Texas Is The Reason-meets-Sunny Day Real Estate intro of "Choices" (not that these guys would know). Just enough new flavors to make an old taste worth revisiting.

If you like Vader, you know what to expect. The Beast isn't De Profundis or Litany, but it's still a worthwhile ride.


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