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Resurrection | 2 | review | compilation | Lollipop

Resurrection 2

by Wa

With such a dirth of music coming out every year, what better way to discover new music and save yourself a buck or two than by checking out a compilation record, right?

WTII Records will be happy to service your needs. Resurrection 2 is mostly a collection of club/future pop tracks from the WTII Records roster, mastered superbly by Chris Randall (of Sister Machine Gun fame). The 11-song release features new and exclusive tracks from HMB,, Stromkern, Deceptio Mentis, Monstrum Sepsis, and PTI, as well as tracks from La Floa Maldita, Beborn Beton, State of the Union, and Trigger10d, seven of which appeared on the former Resurrection comp.

The exceptional tracks are primarily from the bands you'd expect: HMB's cover of Berlin's "The Metro,"'s "Aperture [Slither Mix]," La Floa Maldita's "Secrets and Dreams," and State of the Union's "Makina Mata." Unfortunately, those are the only real gems to be found on Resurrection 2. HMB's and's songs are new or exclusive versions, while La Floa Maldita's and State of Union's are selected directly from their respective albums, Salut Jacques and Inpendum.

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