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Until The End | The Blind Leading The Lost | review | metal | Lollipop

Until The End

The Blind Leading The Lost (Eulogy)
by Daniel Lukes

As long as there is pain, strife, and suffering in the world, and men able-bodied enough to play and shout about it, it seems like there'll always be a place for a certain type of hardcore. And Until The End are that band; or the latest one in a long line, at least. From the front cover and inlay, featuring a host of anti-war and anti-Bush images, sarcastic pastiches, and statements from the "United States Ministry of Information Dissemination," you can tell that this South Florida quintet are not kidding around. They may be smiling, but these are teeth-gritted smiles choking back livid-hearted righteous anger at the current state of the world.

Subsequently, the music is functional, if effective. Think Hatebreed, Terror, and Full Blown Chaos and you've pretty much got an internal mental image of what Until The End's second album sounds like. Like most straight-ahead metalcore, it's one-dimensional at the best of times, but unlike Hatebreed, at least these troops of doom have a pretty clear idea of who the enemy is: The Bush administration, the military-industrial complex, and your apathy with regards to changing the way things are. In addition, as if we didn't get where they're coming from, "Tender Comrade" features lyrics by British punk folkster Billy Bragg. Put simply, if you live on a diet of bread, water, and metalcore, you need this CD. Although I'd wager Until The End are probably much better off witnessed live than in the safety of your own bedroom.

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