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Unearth | The Oncoming Stor | review | metal | Lollipop


The Oncoming Storm (Metal Blade)
by Martin Popoff

Rising astonishingly quickly to the forefront of the New Wave of American Metal, Massachusetts' Unearth deserve it with a Swedish-thrash inspired record like this. The Oncoming Storm combines the best blistered production elements from that metal phalanx with the tight, economical, close hardcore ethic espoused by bands like Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage (a very busy Adam D. produces), even getting vaguely Finnish at times (see "Predetermined Sky"). Solid songs abound, the thrash tempered expertly by twin lead melodic parts, driven hard by the perfect percussion moves of Mike Justian, sorta the band's secret weapon and a big reason these songs fly out of the speakers. Highlights: "Bloodlust of the Human Condition," with its Pantera-esque stutter, and hands-down winner, "Endless," a groovy straight-ahead blaster that turns Meshuggah-like, signaling an unraveling to many surprises. Refreshing to hear a record packed with good songs at the back-end as well as the front.

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