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Torque | review | metal | Lollipop


by Daniel Lukes

So much rests on the gloss and sheen of a big production job, when we're talking major label radio rock/metal, that it's sometimes hard to tell where band talent begins and that of the producer ends. It's also rare to hear what certain bands might have sounded like before being embraced by a Terry Date or Howard Benson. Hailing from Massachusetts, Torque tread where the likes of Staind, Chevelle, or Godsmack have before them, with some decent enough angst-ridden grunge-imbued metal. "Sanity Vacation" trudges along with convincing judder, while "Made" plumbs a noticeable early Tool stomp. The vocals could use some polishing, and the songwriting some tightening on what is essentially a demo-quality three-track EP; but it's entirely conceivable that in the hands of a good producer, this lot could come up with something quite absorbing indeed.

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