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The Acacia Strain | Thirtysevenfifty | review | metal | Lollipop

The Acacia Strain

Thirtysevenfifty (Prosthetic)
by Martin Popoff

A perfect fit for the Prosthetic Records roster, The Acacia Strain's new album is metalcore at a highly competitive level, emphasis on metal, much like the new leaders, Lamb Of God. The production is massive on this thing, as are the vocals, with the guitars and bass smeared together by perpetually slammed cymbals. Definitely at the heavier end of things, The Acacia Strain is the antidote to anything of this ilk that leans melodic and/or simple and punky and/or nü, the three directives that are getting the most press these days. In fact, this is so low and slow, death metal isn't far from my tormented thoughts, although this six-piece is more than happy to groove like Shadows Fall often and convincingly.

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