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Skeemin No Goods | review | rock | Lollipop

Skeemin' No Goods

by Craig Regala

Further honing of the black leather '70s divide, re: rock/punk/dirt metal, i.e. Ramones/Motörhead/Thin Lizzy cha-cha-cha from guys who've tooled for The Laughing Hyenas, Easy Action, Speedball, The Paybacks, The Fags, Seduce, and others. Don't let the brevity of this review throw you: Skeemin' No Goods are one of the few to have songs that stand with the classics. The guitaring is sharp and has a touch of hard-edge glam via Sweet/Kiss/Stooges in its chopped and channeled Chuck Berry chassis. Great tunes, strong singer, ace recording, plenty of hooks: If you like kick-ass rock and roll, pull out the (chain) wallet.

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