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More Machine Than Man | Binary Sex | review | electro | Lollipop

More Machine Than Man

Binary Sex E.P. (Underground Inc.)
by Wa

Embraced warmly by the electro-fetish masses in 2000, More Machine Than Man return with the Binary Sex EP, featuring two new tracks "Why?" and "Tonight" from the upcoming yet-to-be-named LP produced by the electro-god En Esch (of KMFDM and Slick Idiot), and remixes from their previous albums, Robot (2000) and Electrolust (2001), by the likes of Martin Atkins (of Pigface), Razed in Black, Girls Under Glass, and DJ Ian Fford.

MMTM's songs, in a nutshell, are dark celebrations of B&D relationships, sci-fi imagery, the fetish scene, tech-sensualists, and post-alternative rage. They continue to raise the bar on their creations with each successive album. It just doesn't get much better than this in the industrial dance genre.

The video for "I.C.E. (Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics)" from Electrolust (re-issued as Electrolust 2.0), enhances this CD. It's representative of the interactive multimedia show MMTM has put on over the years, and contains plenty of naughty sub-textual messages. In short, Binary Sexis 45 minutes of pure Lollipop hedonistic pleasure that's pulsing for the pounding.


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