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Malevolent Creation | Conquering South America | review | metal | Lollipop

Malevolent Creation

Conquering South America (Arctic)
by Tim Den

Not many bands have endured as many line-up changes as Malevolent Creation. Hell, not even Death went through so many drummers. These guys have been known for switching skinsman up to three or four times between albums, so one can only imagine the fear that comes with a live album such as Conquering South America ("Conquering Brazil" is actually more accurate, since the band didn't play anywhere else). Will drummer #458 be able to play the tunes? Will the band be able to gel despite new members coming and going?

Amazingly, yes and yes. On Conquering South America, brutal production (this sounds WAY better than Warkult) and cutthroat execution propel newbies and classics into orbit, savagely ripping apart the audience with the likes of "Eve of the Apocalypse," "Infernal Desire," and "Manic Demise." Drummer Tony Laureano - a master at filling in for bands and often called upon by Malevolent Creation - does more than an able job of reproducing Alex Marquez and (to a lesser extent) Dave Culross' parts. The newer songs are much less technical and intricate, so no one would even notice if Laureano changed anything on the likes of "Kill Zone" or "All That Remains." The rest of the band wind themselves around each beat, sometimes just a tad out of synch with each other during moments of extreme adrenaline, but hey, that's the energy of a live show, right? You're not supposed to be rigid and perfect, you're supposed to give all you've got and fucking KILL! The tiny imperfections only add to the intensity.

And once again, vocalist Kyle Symons proves that he is the motherfucking MAN. Brett who? This guy does it all and does it better: The growls, the high-pitched screams, the menacing tone, the hardcore intimidation, you name it. He leads the band like an absolute maniac, every syllable and bark a shotgun blast. He can even do that "screaming for 20 seconds" thing LIVE: Just check out closer "Malevolent Creation." If the band were already red hot, Symons' ferocity and blistering presence make them scorchingly blood monsoon. INTENSE.

Great to see that one of Florida death metal's mainstays can bring it after 15 years of personal turmoil and label problems. Conquering South America is unrelenting and unforgiving. In other words, pure classic Malevolent Creation and essential for any fan.

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