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Les Hell on Heels | review | punk | Lollipop

Les Hell on Heels

by Craig Regala

Take the Seeds' tune "Pushin' Too Hard" and other such mid-quick tempoed garage rockers as a template, and get a two-guitar four-piece to sneer their way through slangy gal-sung (hell, gal back-ups too, cuz it's an all-girl crew) snot bombs. This isn't "nu garage," the influences are classicist (see first sentence), rooted in pure 1966 punk and roll, with contemporary bite and production. They cover a Jeff Dahl tune, recorded for Sympathy For The Record Industry in a previous incarnation, and look like they're ready to go any time. Bet the drummer digs The Strangloves and The Cramps. At first, I thought the name was "Helen Wheels," named after that '70s kickass chick. So maybe they'll cover one of her tunes for my "gals been rockin' fer ever" tribute series when I win that pesky lottery.

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