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It Dies Today | The Cattle Choir | review | metal | Lollipop

It Dies Today

The Cattle Choir (Trustkill)
by Adrian Bromley

The maniacal charge of upstate New York act It Dies Today is a volatile concoction of Meshuggah-inspired riffs, metallic angst, and hardcore might: A truly powerful dose of momentum not for the faint of heart. The crushing opener, "My Promise," starts the band off and running from the get-go, but as the album progresses, a healthy heaping of melody douses the aggressive nature of the band, skillfully bringing out a unique sound/style. Stunning stuff indeed, especially on the wicked "A Threnody for Modern Romance." While the production of the album is a little spotty, high marks go to the band for making the best of their situation and hitting a bulls-eye with their creative impulses. Bravo!

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