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Entombed | Unreal Estate | review | metal | Lollipop


Unreal Estate (Candlelight)
by Ari M. Joffe

Back in 2002, much respected-metal veterans Entombed (the dudes who'd given us classic '90s albums like Wolverine Blues and Left Hand Path) played as the pit orchestra for some kinda fuckin' ballet. This is the CD document of that live extravaganza.

First off, I was pretty skeptical as to what the hell was going on here, after that whole Metallica thing a few years back that sucked ass. What kinda ballet dancing would work with Entombed? And the disc starts out with like 10 minutes of piano playing, so, at first, I was like "oh lord, no, not again." But things get moving by track two, the actual beginning of Entombed's portion of the show, and it's basically the band banging out the goods for 45 minutes, with little weird sonic interludes in between. The band performs some of their best material - "Say it in Slugs" and "Mental Twin" - and the sound quality's great. It works pretty well as a live album, but I kinda wanna see what the hell was going on with the dancers (what in the world could they be doing?). So, maybe a CD wasn't the best medium to release this on. A DVD would be nice, but maybe they've got that in the works. Either way, pretty cool live stuff from a killer band.

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