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DJ Acucrack | Mako vs Geist | review | electro | Lollipop

DJ? Acucrack

Mako vs. Geist (Crack Nation)
by Lex Marburger

There was a time when drum & bass was the coolest shit in the world. The stuff was crazy, with a heavy dub bass holding things down while skitteringly violent drumbeats shook your spine. When the tekno-industrialists got hold of it, they made it get all creepy, with samples, distortion, and general misery prevailing over all. That's pretty much where DJ? Acucrack came in, spinning their shit (mostly) live, giving the little rivethead fucks a little something to blow their minds. But there's a problem with Mako vs. Geist: They haven't evolved in something like five years now. It's still the cheesy quotes, the analog keyboard bomb drops, the sped-up James Brown rip-offs, and a general lack of evolution or advanced creativity. The best track on the album is "Disconnector," a slowly building groove that haunts the listener with slow synth pads washing over muted drums. You know why it's the best song? Only cuz it breaks the pattern!


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