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Severance (Metal Blade)
by Daniel Lukes

With bands as diverse as Jerk, Devolved, The Amenta, and Alchemist, Australia has become a place to look for authentically interesting metal again. With this debut cut, you can add Aussie quintet Daysend to that list. Mixing Swedish-style neo-thrashery and prog-style guitar noodling with stomping grooves and melodies reminiscent of Faith No More circa-Angel Dust, they certainly stand out from the crowd. Compared to the hordes of faceless In Flames/Arch Enemy clones chucked your way on a monthly basis, vocalist Simon Calabrese can actually sing as well as growl. In tune. And not with that horrible emo/Eddie Vedder lilt often favored by your Mass. metal heroes du jour. This way, Daysend are equipped to satisfy both fans of crossover metalcore's new school as well as those who've always enjoyed nü metal, either as a guilty pleasure, or... as a pleasure without the guilt. Ahem.

Either way, Severance has enough push and pull to it, and enough sonic variety to make Daysend a band worth keeping an eye on. That their bassist Meredith Webster is an attractive young lady will also doubtless make their uphill battle that much easier. In any case, Daysend are most certainly endowed with the musical chops as well, as proved by the chugging grandeur of "Born Is the Enemy" or the rabid galloping thrash metal of "Ignorance of Bliss." The Gothenburgcore Coal Chamber this most certainly ain't.

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