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Code Black | Penetration | review | metal | Lollipop

Code Black

Penetration (Arctic Music)
by Adrian Bromley

Sitting through an album like Code Black's Penetration is like getting a root canal and finding out your dentist doesn't have novocaine. What do you do? Sit and take it like a man, or run for safety? I wish I'd done the latter, but trooper that I am, I sat through the bland, cookie-cutter assemblage of material that makes up the majority of this debut. Taking ideas from every Slayer and Metallica album ever recorded and dumbing it down with an unfocused hardcore edge (or whatever they were aiming for), Penetration goes nowhere. It's a standstill from its opening moments, and never makes any forward momentum. This album is going to be the Ishtar of the hardcore/metal bargain bin.

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