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Demigod (Olympic/Century Media)
by Ari M. Joffe

Polish black metal with one of the sickest drummers to ever get behind a kit! The music itself is pretty rudimentary: Chugging guitar riffs, lots of Arabic-sounding lead lines, really mushy cookie monster vocals (the dude really does sound like he has a fistful of marbles in his mouth)... but the drummer! Hot damn! The dude calls himself Inferno, and man, is he a monster with that double-bass drum pedal! He's lightning fast, pulls off some rapid-fire snare fills, and just plays some really tasty beats in general.

If Dave Lombardo ever decides to leave Slayer again, Kerry and the boys should look up this Inferno fella. I'd track down some of this Behemoth stuff just to check him out. Other than that, ain't much happening here to speak kindly of.

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