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Battery Cage | World Wide Wasteland | review | electro | Lollipop

Battery Cage

World Wide Wasteland (Metropolis)
by Wa

Highly-energized EBM laced with copious amounts of industrial guitar and effected vocals reminiscent of both Nivek Ogre and Marilyn Manson, Battery Cage's style is just different enough to pique your attention, and familiar enough to keep you comfortable. They fit perfectly with what has become known as the Metropolis Records "sound," a thumping dance club-centric music form filled with social criticism and fashion bite.

Tyler Newman (half of Informatik) and crew have created a darker, grittier cousin that bemoans the state of humanity under a state-controlled watchful eye. Where Informatik romances, Battery Cage entrances. World Wide Wasteland, their second full-length album and debut for Metropolis, includes the strong Goth/industrial anthems "Ecstasy," "Anti/Angel," and "Wasteland." If there's any criticism, it'd be that Newman has a habit of mixing his vocals deep in the dense electronic arrangements, which diminishes some of the potency of his scourges. On the other hand, a remix of "Ecstasy" by Headscan brings them back up above the sonic fold and into prominence. The other remix on the album by Stromkern provides a lurching trip-hop twist to the American government social criticism piece "Statemachine."


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