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A Small Victory | El Camino | review | punk | Lollipop

A Small Victory

El Camino (Lobster)
by Jessica Parker

Out of Atlanta, GA, A Small Victory's pop punk sound lasts for most of their latest album, El Camino, until you get to the twangy acoustic guitar song, "Farewell Capeside." Besides hoping that Capeside isn't a reference to Dawson's Creek, this song seems completely out of place on an album full of pretty formulaic pop punk. It opens into a huge electric guitar fusion about two minutes into the song (but still includes a Southern rock solo), and then ends with a few more acoustic words. Why does every pop punk band have to prove they have a sensitive side? Is this what emo has done to the music scene? Well, A Small Victory tightly produces a fun album that's perfect to scream along to, because Reppard Walker's vocals overpower most of the music anyway. All shaggy-haired and ready to rock, at least A Small Victory seems to know what works these days. "Blindman's Holiday" and "James Dean B-Side" are the catchiest songs on the album, if a bit reminiscent of songs by other pop punk bands. A Small Victory are uber-talented, and El Camino proves their worthiness, they just need to find another edge besides acoustic near-country songs about emo goodbyes.

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