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We're All Gonna Die

Go To Hell (Underdogma)
by Brian Varney

A step into uncharted territory for the good folks who run Underdogma. Go to Hell could, depending on your mood, strike you as either a metal record or a grunge throwback. Which is to say that it sounds a whole hell of a lot like Soundgarden and, hey, there are many less kind things one could say about a record. Track two, "And Everything Went Black," could've easily crept into Superunknown's running order without too many folks noticing otherwise.

This is not to suggest, however, that We're All Gonna Die are mere Soundgarden clones, even though the vocals are sometimes eerily reminiscent of Chris Cornell. For starters, these fellas have a lot more of the taut, tension/release rhythms of '90s metal than Soundgarden ever did, and the herk/jerk start-stop guitar lines that Helmet made semi-famous for five minutes or so circa Meantime are plentiful as well. The overall result is quite similar to the recently-released Quill album Hooray! It's a Deathtrip, if a bit more beholden to its influences and less sure of itself. So if you dig that album or any of the other stuff I've mentioned, this is definitely worth investigating.
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