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Something Positive

By Nairobi Collins

Something Positive has been a staple of my daily Net surfing routine for a year or two now, thanks to the craziest sexual relationship I had with a Web cartoonist and all around freaky girl. The girl is another story, but the comic is the long-running work of Randy Milholland, a Boston resident hailing from the State of Texas. When you read this comic, you'll see how much it has affected his sense of humor. This guy is sharp, witty, and going places. The comic is yet another group of crazy people who lead bizarre lifestyles in a mundane setting. What's so special about that, you ask? Well, this dude covers every topic from date rape to abortion to gay marriage to suicide and makes it a fuckin' riot. Recently, he challenged his fans that if they wanted him to create comics at a regular frequency, they should donate to his PayPal account. He promised that if they did this, he'd quit his day job with its regular salary and slight security and just create comics. Damned if his fans didn't come through! He raised a year's salary in just a couple of months and is now a full-time web-comic artist. His feat was so great that even the immortal Neil Gaiman noticed (that's right, the king of geek fantasy not only praised Something Positive and its creator, he linked to their site!). When you see this site, you'll understand why he has such a big following and wonder why he isn't in the mainstream alternative papers yet. Pssst! The first comic involves a coat hanger...

Kinda like the darkest of dark humour.


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