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Orgasm Girl

By Nairobi Collins

If watching porn on the Net ain't enough, you may now actively participate. Orgasm Girl offers hours of frustrating joy for anyone willing to try their hand (ahem) or hands at pleasuring one of several cutely drawn cyber girls while they are sleeping. The goal is to get her to reach orgasm before she wakes up. I'm from the old school where we'd try to fuck 'em until they went to sleep. The dude in me says this is silly, but the little creep in me spent an hour trying to keep a cartoon from catching me ripping off her panties and rubbing her tits. The game is relatively new and is lacking in the action department, but it does challenge you to the point of agony (personally, I don't think you'll ever win). Supposedly, as you progress, you get to molest several other sleeping beauties. I haven't seen 'em, and my patience is wearin' thin! If any of you can get past the first girl and prove it to me, the first to reach me gets a free Lollipop tee shirt.  

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