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By Chad Van Wagner

Heh heh heh. Those of us who are unfortunate enough to have family members who are seriously caught up in the political shitstorm that post 9/11 America has become have gotten a harsh lesson in the lesser of two evils. Republican or Democrat, the level of sniping has reached the dignified stature of two sweaty, snot-nosed kids arguing over whose Dad can beat up whose.

Hence, we find ourselves in the less than enviable position of dealing with a situation where people are voting AGAINST one candidate, more so than they're voting FOR one. Which is the intellectual equivalent of voting for that one guy because, like, that other guy totally was hitting on your girlfriend.

Fortunately, someone has realized just how moronic the whole argument has become, and has fashioned a website with the appropriate name of JohnKerryIsADoucheBagButImVotingForHimAnyway (yes, it's all one word). This isn't just bitching: There are a lot of well-reasoned points to be found, and site author Alan Blevins actually encourages Conservatives to reconsider their iron-clad stance on Dubya (which is tantamount to offering Rush Limbaugh free tickets to Fahrenheit 911).

Yes, Blevins is, ultimately, pushing for the Left this time, but he actually seems to understand how that could be unattractive to some, and keeps the name-calling to a minimum (no matter what you might think of essays with titles like "How Fucked We will be With 4 More Years of George W. Bush"). Or maybe the steady hum of bullshit has desensitized me to what is basically a cleverly constructed shill. Whichever it is, at least this guy seems like he took a deep breath and counted to ten before deciding everyone was stupid but him.

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