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The New Transit Direction | Wonderful Defense Mechanisms | review | alternative | Lollipop

The New Transit Direction

Wonderful Defense Mechanisms (Some)
by Tim Den

A fine slab of post-hardcore, pop-flavored jagged punk this is. But if you've ever seen The New Transit Direction live, you know that no recording could ever translate the band's blistering onstage energy 100%. "Survival 101," often a set opener, sounds quaint here in contrast to the impact it makes in the flesh. On record, The New Transit Direction's earnestness only goes so far. Live, their take-no-prisoners approach of hurting themselves through performance (whether in front of hundreds of kids or five people, these guys give it their all. Broken strings, fractured guitars, whiplashes, collisions, blood, sweat, insanity, MOTION!) is simply astounding. You can't walk away from their shows without feeling moved, if not for how much they put themselves on the line than for drummer Dan Whiteside's eye-popping proficiency. All of which show up on Wonderful Defense Mechanisms as controlled, tempered versions of their true selves. Damn shame.

Nonetheless, I'd encourage everyone to pick this up, even if it's just to learn the words to sing along when they come through your town. This is honest, from-the-heart music.

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