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The Last Vegas | Lick em and Leave em | review | rock | Lollipop

The Last Vegas

Lick 'em and Leave 'em (Get Hip)
by Brian Varney

Eleven tracks of patented Get Hip swagger-rock, big rock recorded on a little budget, just like New York Dolls and all the bands who've come in their wake. And a title swiped from Ted Nugent to boot! This means they probably wear sunglasses onstage and move like they've got heroin habits whether or not they actually do. It may sound silly, but that's rock and roll, and it's tough to label what they play as anything else. This has been done a million and a half times by a million and a half bands, but The Last Vegas have good songs, an excellent, smarmy attack, and a vocalist with a snotty tone that perfectly fits the songs' messages of revolution in the nude. So if you're in the mood to wear sunglasses after dark and spend too much money on cheap beer, this here's your soundtrack, daddy-o.

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