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The Helio Sequence | Love and Distance | review | alternative | Lollipop

The Helio Sequence

Love and Distance (Sub Pop)
by Tim Den

Somewhere on top of Spiritualized's sweeping grandiosity, The Flaming Lips' chipper psychedelia, and The Constantines' thread-like guitar riffs, The Helio Sequence dumped a shitload of homemade electronics and came up with Love and Distance. Imagine an acid-damaged video game chronicling the adventures of Blur, and you're pretty close. Vocals are drenched with effects, melodies are bluesy, and the bleeps-and-bloops have the pre-requisite "quirky" sound so as to please hipsters. Great to put on when you want to daydream about melting black holes, but probably not enough when you want a satisfying SONG experience.

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