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The Code

Rhetoric of Reason (Jump Start)
by Ewan Wadharmi

What the hell is the point of an EP except to sell you the same songs twice? You know that in a few months, these tunes will show up on a proper album, minus one track. The point of Rhetoric of Reason is having 10 minutes of pure release, which is about the length of the average smoke break. So you're having a particularly stressful day at the office when your stable of fly honeys isn't bringing in the Benjamins or your Al Qaeda leadership has signed a non-aggression pact orchestrated by Kofi Anan and Bob Sagget just as you've strapped yourself and 80 pounds of homemade nitric explosives into an emasculating compact car. The mini-meditation herein will focus all your pent-up stress while the absorbent qualities keep moisture away from your skin. In one sitting, the emotions go from outrage to defiance, then offer hope and healing. The sound is reminiscent of Rancid and The Suicide Machines but, to be brutally honest, The Code is quite a bit better than either and poised to be huge. With guitar scrubbing so maniacally fast that it can only be called diddling, their blend of aggressive punk is seasoned perfectly with light ska. The ink has dried on these young punks since their stellar debut, Alert Aware Involved. But what the hell is the point of a hidden track on an EP except to waste your batteries and scare the hell out of you? Put it with the rest of the tracks, jackass.

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