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The Briefs

Sex Objects (BYO)
by Ewan Wadharmi

Expectation is a heavy anchor. If you went to see The Incredibles expecting it to one-up Finding Nemo, then you'll understand the slight disappointment Sex Objects brings after The Briefs' mind-blowing debut, Hit After Hit. If you never experienced the first one, you'd think it was pretty damn good. But where their introduction was a solid masterpiece throughout, this release contains some throwaway material as hackneyed as a retired superhero.

Over the decades, I've seen so many concerts I can't remember them all, but I'll never forget one. The Briefs exude a transmutable energy as viable for fist-pounding as it is for pogoing. When they're very good, they bring back the comical snottiness of The Adicts, with lightning velocity and a light delivery. Guitarists Daniel J. Travanti and Steve E. Nix create an inescapable vortex that ends and begins in early '80s England. The new-wave punk still permeates fun tunes like "Sally I Can't Go to the Beach" and the acidic "No More Presidents." Where the humor goes wrong is the mild treatment on fluff like "Killed by Ants" and "Shoplifting at Macys" which are pretty much novelty songs along the lines of The Dickies. And that ain't so bad, really. Not quite Finding Nemo, but a far cry from Shark Tales.

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