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Crimes of the Future (Music Ration)
by Wa

Jason Bazinet, founder of SMP (aka Sounds of Mass Production), has a refreshing, sardonic, and self-deprecating sense of humor. His newest political and social satire-drenched, industrial-rap rock release, Crimes of the Future, is punk in scope but not in sound. The songs on Crimes of the Future are Sister Machine Gun meets Pop Will Eat Itself. Danceable, aggressive, diverse, and complex.

"This Perfect Day" jumpstarts the album with an intense drum assault that culminates with an exciting KMFDMish guitar chorus performed by guest artist Chris Roy (of Doll Factory). Other great tracks include the self-deprecating Goth/industrial/rap scenebuster "Three O' Clock," the cyberpunk-drenched "Trip," A Clockwork Orange-like social commentary piece, "Retro Human," the existential prison of "The Cage," the Net thriller "Hacker Like Me" (featuring Paul J. Furio of Static Engine), and the white-collar office slave anthem "Corporate Culture."

Mastered by Roger Sprague, Crimes of the Future is a wonderfully smooth listen. Nearly every song is an intense and effective punch in the gut. The few and forgivable exceptions are the self-indulgent "X," "Food Slot," "24 Hours," and the brief but anachronistic (at least to this release) punk inclusions "Bloodstains" and "I'm Tired of Life." Crimes of the Future is the fifth album in the ever growing SMP discography, and easily their most enjoyable release thus far.

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