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Seabound | Poisonous Friend | review | electro | Lollipop


Poisonous Friend EP (Metropolis)
by Wa

To be seabound is to leave a safe harbor and commit yourself to exploring the unknown and sometimes treacherous seas. It's a perfectly suited metaphor for the Frank Spinath and Martin Vorbroot comprised project.

Poisonous Friend EP features remixes from their highly-successful 2004 Metropolis debut, Beyond Flatline. The songs of Seabound are rife with atmospheric synth melodies, and soothing male vibrato vocals expressed in a thought-provoking way. Their lyrics explore a variety of intense emotions that encompass the love and fear of your lover in four unique remixes of "Poisonous Friend" (including two by Yello producer Olaf Wollschlager), absolute devotion in "Watching Over You (Haujobb remix)," obsession in "Without You," antisocial behavior in "Contact (Fluke Remix by," overcoming obsession via an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind solution in "Transformer (Stromkern Remix)," and absolute rage in "Traitor." Their music often feels like a tentative, passionate and delicious first kiss.

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