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Rilo Kiley | More Adventurous | review | alternative | Lollipop

Rilo Kiley

More Adventurous (Brute/Beaute)
by Evan Solochek

My apologies to Macaulay Culkin and Corey Feldman, but not all child stars succumb to b-list reality shows and drugs, some join artistic forces and create incredible indie-pop bands. And, may I say thank you to Jenny Lewis (The Wizard, Troop Beverly Hills) and Blake Sennett (Salute Your Shorts) for doing precisely that and giving us the magnificence that is Rilo Kiley. Rilo Kiley is one of the most wholesome and intoxicating bands around today. Lead singer Jenny Lewis' enchanting voice floats effortlessly over stories of love and loss, and then seamlessly stab you through the heart with unexpected burst of expletives and wails.

More Adventurous, the band's third album on their third label, aptly picks up where their previous two masterpieces left off, and even throws in a few twists just to keep us on our toes. It has many quintessential Rilo Kiley tracks, such as the fluffy yet politically-driven opener "It's A Hit," and the low-fi lovelorn ballad "Does He Love You?," but they also naturally interweave seemingly misplaced tracks such as synth-driven Gewn Stefani-esque "Love and War" and on "I Never," where Lewis channels some '60s soul.

While often lamented by fans, growth for a band can either be a curse or a blessing. What Rilo Kiley has done on More Adventurous is offer up a foundation of light-hearted pop ditties, as to not alienate their original fan base, but, refusing to be pigeon-holed into a sound, peppered the album with tidbits of a creative directions yet to be fully developed. An incredibly risky act of trying to have it both ways, which Rilo Kiley navigate flawlessly, without the help of a safety net.

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