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Rag Men | review | hardcore | Lollipop

Rag Men

by Adrian Bromley

A hodge-podge of members from the likes of Skarhead, Earth Crisis, Merauder, and Madball, so you pretty much get the idea going into the band's self-titled debut: Meaty hardcore with metallic riffs and an attitude. I had some reservations about this band, but the disc is a pretty solid stomp of aggression and momentum. Think older Pantera meshed with a nice metallic hardcore stomp. A smart move by the band was to not really hone in on one style and repeat it over and over. This record has variety. Had every song been like the powerful "Obstacles," Rag Men would've failed. Groups that feature an assortment of ex-members are hit and miss, but Rag Men prove there can be life after your other bands are out of the picture.




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