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Matters (Epitaph)
by Tim Den

Don't let the opening fool ya: Matters, Pulley's fifth album, kicks off with "A Bad Reputation," an exact replicate of every song the band has ever written before. "Oh great," I thought to myself. "Just when Together Again For the First Time reignited the flame of my interest, these guys go and put it out." But then "Blindfold" comes on, stacked chords, choir-worthy vocal harmonies and all, and the story takes a much more interesting turn. Helmed by metal guru Matt Hyde, Matters - excluding the opener - turns out to be a precise, intense, and seasoned output from guys who've been at the SoCal game forever. Vocalist Scott Radinsky's voice sounds more in control and more in tune than ever, while drummer Tony Palermo's ability to squeeze nuance into even the fastest of beats brings unity and color to the mix. Some fine arrangements from the guitarists/bassist, too, as "Huber Breeze," "Insects Destroy," and "YSC" (sounds like a classic Bad Religion song!) twist dueling instrumentation into a catapult for Radinsky to propel his melodies from.

Matters, with its smooth and powerful production, immediate-but-not-stupid hooks ("Immune" in particular), and a need to prove its relevance (check the title), has once again kept these vets on top of the genre. From the sounds of it, they've still got plenty of fiery energy to burn down the competition.


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