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Over It | Timing Is Everything | review | punk | Lollipop

Over It

Timing Is Everything (Lobster)
by Jessica Parker

Over It's Timing Is Everything sounds like that perfect mix of new and old. Their drums thump constantly, almost as an ode to those original pop-punkers, Green Day [uh, I'd call the originators the Descendents and Bad Religion, and someone older'n me'd argue even with that, but it's my damn magazine -ed.]. The guitars are always raucous and fill the songs with energy. The songwriting and overall effect sounds a bit more like their contemporaries: More Yellowcard (minus the violin) and The Starting Line (minus the nasally voice). As young as they are - all are in their early 20s - Over It comes off as fun, but not brainless. The album plays with a head-bopping intensity that translates into a definite party soundtrack. As their second full-length, the band has grown considerably since The Ready Series and honed their sound while spending two summers on the Vans Warped Tour, an experience that undoubtedly brought more of the traditional punk through in their music. For now, Over It seems to be settling pretty well into the pop-punk world, and are one of the few that're probably going to survive all the mainstream hype.


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