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Liquid Mercury | Beat Box Explosion | review | electro | Lollipop

Liquid Mercury

Beat Box Explosion
by Wa

A first grasp to identify what makes Liquid Mercury so interesting only slips though one's fingers. Their sound drips with old school analog and the occasional cat-scratching record. Beat Box Explosion, their most recent release, raises your temperature incrementally like a locomotive building speed until the album reaches its apex during the throbbing "Nu Creation." At this point, listeners are granted some reprieve on the John Carpenter-esque down-tempo "Shee-Lo-Ween."

Beat Box Explosion is an album perfectly suited to the all-night dance fan. A tongue-in-cheek dip into Liquid Mercury's electro trip. DJs are sure to appreciate the efforts of Sandra Espinoza and Charlene S. Townsend to capture some of the nostalgic sound of the electro dance scene while avoiding some of the more biting cliches of the genre.

The music, mixed in a raw fashion which is echoed through the lyrics that were written and performed with a minimalist and yet cubist flair and suggest and poke at underlying themes without spelling them out entirely. Top tracks on the album include the diva antics of "Goddess of the Night" and the electro trip invite of "Another World."

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