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Kylesa | No Ending A 110 Degree Heat Index EP | review | metal | Lollipop


No Ending/A 110 Degree Heat Index EP (Prank)
by Craig Regala

Fuck, what do I know about such things? Not much, but so what? I know I like it. This follows a strong stream of powerful, twisting, visceral, punk ID'd metal chomping punk; covering a Nausea song ("Clutches"), throwing a Pushead* cover as signifier and significant eye roast. They give up some Discharge/Rudimentari Peni DNA when you check parentage; I mean, ya can't discount family, ya'know? They've played with Artimus Pyle and Signal Lost, and need to do an LP right now so we can all get a grip on all the cool things they've done on various releases in one big dose. Personally, I'd like to see'm tour with Rwake and drive a wedge deeper into the metal/stoner/grind/doomcore audience. Jesus, who wouldn't? If you like Cream Abdul Babar, Damad, Rwake, Discharge, Nausea, even straight-up metal like Corruption or Entombed's Uprising, c'mon an' live a little. It's a big world out there: Tank up on the good stuff. Maybe a Dystopia cover next time?

*The initial king of hardcore/crossover hell-punk-gut-blat art. Ever see the "skull mohawk" The Exploited used in the early '80s? Or Stantons skate deck's "skullclown"? Or the recent Metallica cover? Yup: Pushead.

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