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Guttermouth | Eat Your Face | review | punk | Lollipop


Eat Your Face (Epitaph)
by Ewan Wadharmi

Perhaps its because Guttermouth got weary of being spit on, literally, that they made a drastic artistic change on their last release, Gusto. But the all-over-the-map Ween departure drew more critical expectorant than any crowd could cough up. Eat Your Face is a return to form, picking up where they left off. And that is precisely where Surf Punks and Suicidal Tendencies left off, with ridiculous jabs at everyone and everything. Sketches like "My Neighbor's Baby" and "Surf's Up Asshole" should be too far over the top to be offensive to anyone except the moralest of majorities. They target mainstream politics on "Party of Two" to challenge joiners to think for themselves. Guttermouth is that guy you want to have at your party. The one who shoots his mouth off with no shame, like Robin Williams, and your sides hurt all the more when your girlfriend elbows you. Is it funny because it's true, or because he's making an ass out of himself? Who cares, it's just damn funny.


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