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Gold Cash Gold | Paradise Pawned Vol 1 | review | rock | Lollipop

Gold Cash Gold

Paradise Pawned Vol. 1 (Times Beach)
by Craig Regala

Rock and roll writ large via '70s scarf wearers, Nils Lofgrin, Steve Tyler, the Dolls, as those fellas came to grips with the Stones, Faces, Free, early Rod Stewart - y'know the rock and roll stuff with a bit of Mod to glam flash and folk-blues-balladeering. This is an enduring sound: Dogs Da'Mour, solo LPs from Guns N' Roses guys, and The Black Crows have all pulled from this deep well. Like to see'm do Dr. Feelgood's "Milk and Alcohol" on the Tribute to Pub Rock series, which is (ahem) unrealized at this point.
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