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From A Second Story Window | Not One Word Has Been Omitted | review | metal | Lollipop

From A Second Story Window

Not One Word Has Been Omitted (Black Market)
by Adrian Bromley

It's safe to say that most people who've heard the debut album by From A Second Story Window have never heard anything so demented and unhinged. But as unhinged and chaotic as it is (their live show is downright out-of-control), the band has a grasp on what's going on. Call if "chaotic art," if you will, as the band's spectrum of styles fluctuates rapidly from technical noisecore to a steady hardcore rhythm and pummeling grind. And while the chaotic swirl is enough to leave listeners a tad on edge, FASSW does a good job not getting out of hand and sending music fans running. In the end, fans will pay attention as the chaos unfolds. Though this release is only a five-song EP, it feels like a lifetime of punishment as it lashes out with fists and feet.


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