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Electric Frankentein | We Will Bury You | review | rock | Lollipop

Electric Frankentein

We Will Bury You! (TKO)
by Craig Regala

CHRIST A-Mighty! What can I say? Electric Frankentein didn't move between the rocker/punk/metal split as post teens, they just steamrolled the damn thing into the same kick-ass ya-HOO-PLA! fuel. I, for one, think that's certainly a democratically intelligent way to approach rockin' the fuck out. If you think not, you're dumber than the fashion casualty trying to sell my niece a $17 Good Charlotte t-shirt at Hot Topic. Included is the first cover I ever heard'm do: VOM's "Just Like Your Mom." It's wonderful. Along the way, they apply their NJ boot to tunes by Blue Öyster Cult, Misfits, Generation X (great!), Aerosmith, Motörhead, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Clash, Fleetwood Mac, Girlschool, Rik L Rik, D.R.I., Crime, Iron Maiden, The Tubes, and 17 more splashed over a two disc set. There'll be more 'cause Sal said so. Check out the bands you aren't familiar with and go see the boys when they cruise through town. Rumor is they tour in four matching black IROC's. How much more Jersey kickass can ya get?
(3126 Cary St. #303 Richmond, VA 23221)

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