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Moment of Silence (Metropolis)
by Wa

Moment of Silence, the follow up to Decree's 1996 release Wave of Devastation, is a cold, dense album that features a patchwork of industrial and ambient decadence that demands the listener's complete attention. It delineates in excruciating detail a world filled with destructive machines, flesh-eating viruses, and atomic decay.

Sean Lawson's vocals and lyrics reflect the grim and moody feelings of a post-apocalyptic civilization that exists beyond hope. His primal screams and pleadings reach from beneath Chris Peterson's (Front Line Assembly, Delerium, Will) insurmountable waves of industrial electro horror ambience, and Ross Redhead's shredding film score and early industrial music influenced guitars.

The top tracks include "Violent Reckoning," "Shallow Breath," the title track, and "Scorched Earth."
Moment of Silence is a surprising throwback to the mid-'80s Vancouver, B.C. industrial scene days of Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly, defaced by a cold, exotic splendor of Laibach and Einsturzende Neubaten. Not for the faint of heart.

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