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Days Like These | Charity Burns Green | review | alternative | Lollipop

Days Like These

Charity Burns Green (Lobster)
by Jessica Parker

With a sound that resonates long after you're done listening, Days Like These's Lobster debut is a spectacle of talented musicianship and surprising maturity. The music is dark and calculated and makes their lyrics almost sound apocalyptic. However, most of their lyrics seem to be about the anxiousness to make their mark with the band. They do have songs that touch on love lost, but they thankfully never cross into emo. They rock too hard and without remorse for that. The six band members describe themselves as "too young to drink, but old enough to be drafted," and I fear for what their songs will sound like once they have their first drink. Lead singer Angel Santiago's voice reverberates sorrowfully, but never seems hollow. He yells melodically, but never screams. He whispers to you, but never comes off as soft or weak. Keyboardist Chris Applegate's presence isn't always audible, but when you realize that that sound is a keyboard, it works well. Overall, Days Like These works on a cohesive level rarely heard in such a youthful band, and they turn out a great debut.

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