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Cattle Decapitation | Humanure | review | metal | Lollipop

Cattle Decapitation

Humanure (Metal Blade)
by Martin Popoff

Funny that this has been banned for its cover art - which is neither particularly hateful or violent - a shot of a cow crapping out various rotting human heads. The levels of irony with this, and the name of the band, are legion, particularly given that the band are staunchly vegan, ascribing to the highest level of non-meat-eating or some shit like that. But metal-eating? Oh yes, Cattle Decapitation unleash upon the world a smoky, claustrophobic, humid form of warm death metal modernized and tenderized by grind. Humanure is a much better record than the murky and befuddled To Serve Man, and a big part of that might be producer Bill Metoyer and his forgiving tones. Everything can be heard clearly, even the odd bits of melody from the rounded guitars (see "Chummified"), the better drumming (from a new guy), the low, deathy vocals of Travis Ryan who oddly evokes Chris Barnes' sense of drowning (in blood from a slit throat). Plus, it helps that the songs are longer, more realized, their structure gaining concrete footing. Fave titles this time? Well, it's the simple stuff: "Polyps" and "Reduced to Paste."

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