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Blow Up Daisy | Stungun Sweetheart | review | rock | Lollipop

Blow Up Daisy

Stungun Sweetheart
by Craig Regala

Blow Up Daisy are one of those bands you wanna see hook a good opening slot and hear the crowd murmur "Hey, those guys are pretty good. They playin' around here again?" Mid-tempo'd hard rock that keeps the bottom moving and layers melodies from the vocalist against well-arranged tunes. An affinity with some of the bands who're typified as "stoner rock," or who play within that general grouping of bands exists, ergo, these fella's could play with Black Nasa, do A-OK, and get home before dawn. It's hard to tell how they come across when allowed an hour to get after it, this being a five-song, 17-minute stroll, but from the recorded evidence, B.U.D. have legs.

Blow Up Daisy share a compositional kinship with the non-denominational hard rock bands of yore, "Yore" being a township located somewhere in the midst of Seattle a decade and a half ago. No shame in that, and I'll tell ya why: That particular sonic combination signaled the rebirth of hard rock writ large. Melodic drive from voice and guitar, physical tempos from drums and bass, songs scripted to mean/say/proclaim/deduce "something." Subsumed cultural rootage from blues/folk to classic rock via punk and various metallic dialects melded by an attention to craft and wariness concerning pop culture success placed these bands in a position where they were "rock" and consumed by millions as such. These guys should be gulpable by at least a 100 thousand or so of y'all's. Fuck yeah.

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