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Black Tape For A Blue Girl | Halo Star | review | electro | Lollipop

Black Tape For A Blue Girl

Halo Star (Projekt )
by Wa

Swirling, moody, and introspective, Halo Star is what we have come to expect from the cutting-edge group Black Tape For A Blue Girl, a longtime underground darling. Halo Star marries romantic lyrics and symphonic melodies that drive the emotional construct of frailty and starkness. These qualities are epitomized on the song "Damn Swan!," which uses a sparsely-picked acoustic guitar and padded electronics to flesh out the emotional foundation that supports the paraphrased poetry from the W.B. Yeat's poem "Leda and the Swan." The poem describes the inescapable seduction of a young woman by Zeus. Other strong songs are the necrophilia-driven "Knock Three Times," the self-aware mortality in "The Gravediggers," and bottled-up anger in "Dagger."

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