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Bill Janovitz | Fireworks On TV | review | alternative | Lollipop

Bill Janovitz and Crown Victoria

Fireworks On TV! (Q Division)
by Michael McCarthy

Can you believe it's already been 10 fuckin' years since Bill Janovitz and company - aka Buffalo Tom - appeared on the show My So-Called Life? It's sad to think that said appearance just might've been the high point of their comparatively short-lived run (Juliana Hatfield, another underrated alt-artist slash Masshole, also appeared in an episode of the late series, so one half-expects an E! documentary about how it was cursed or, uh, something). Janovitz only pushed himself further into obscurity with his first two solo albums, which were a bit too folk-ish for even some die-hard Buffalo Tom fans. Fortunately, he rocks again on this disc. But the hooks, more than the riffs, are what make this a triumphant return to his roots. The man has wonderful pop sensibilities, and one only need listen to "Radio" once to appreciate them. And if you listen a few times, it's sure to linger in your head for days. You might even find yourself singing along. "Revealed" is every bit as irresistible as the Buffalo Tom classic "I'm Allowed." The only misstep on hand is the opening track, "One, Two, Three," which feels like it's trying too hard to be pop with a beat that seems to contradict the raw production.

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