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Introducing... (Equal Vision)
by Ari M. Joffe

Here's a band that's firmly entrenched in the hardcore ethos of scream and blast away, but is happy to mix in a healthy portion of '70s arena rock riff-o-mania.

It's an interesting mix, sort of like Bars decided to calm down on the mile-a-minute stuff for a sec, and check out some AC/DC, Kiss, and Ted Nugent albums. The punk/arena rock mix is somewhat similar to what bands like Guns N' Roses were doing in their day, so there's a slight cheezeball element to some of the tunes (unless, or course, you actually like G'N'R). But when Bars gets the formula working well, as they do on "Up To My Neck" and "Toecutter," the results are raw and rockin'.

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