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Backstabbers Inc | Kamikaze Missions | review | metal | Lollipop

Backstabbers Inc

Kamikaze Missions (Trash Art!)
by Adrian Bromley

Easily one of the most intense acts out there these days, Backstabbers Inc. continue their swirl of aggression with yet another triumphant assortment of numbers that'll do wrecking ball damage with the stealth and speed of a vengeful ninja. As the title so aptly puts, the band's mission is simple: Leave nothing undamaged. The most exciting thing about any BSI release is the band's passion and drive to enhance their attack with each and every number, be it through punishing riffs, maniacal vocal cries, or top-notch production from Kurt Ballou (Converge, The Hope Conspiracy). BSI are slowly rising to the top of the genre, and having seen them live, they have the right attitude and perseverance to do so. Kamikaze Missions is highly recommended!


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