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All That Remains | This Darkened Heart | review | metal | Lollipop

All That Remains

This Darkened Heart (Prosthetic)
by Adrian Bromley

Ex-Shadows Fall singer Philip Labonte has had the best of both worlds. He left his previous band to start up a pretty successful new act called All That Remains, but after so many years, the ex-singer tag still sticks. Bit by bit, the tag is coming off Labonte's work with ATR, and that must be a good feeling. Much richer and focused than the previous release (not to mention some amazing guitar work), This Darkened Heart finds the band much more stable in sound and delivery. There's a lot less variety for variety's sake and more attention to dishing out a solid metal/hardcore-esque release that'll have the moshpits hopping and fists pumping. Of note is the ace production by Adam Dutkiewicz, which really helps the intense delivery of such storming numbers as "Focus Shall Not Fail" and "The Deepest Gray."


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