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Age Of Ruin | The Tides of Tragedy | review | metal | Lollipop

Age Of Ruin

The Tides of Tragedy (Eulogy)
by Adrian Bromley

Washington, DC band Age Of Ruin's new album, The Tides of Tragedy, begins quite forcefully, with the songs consistently showcasing excellent metal guitar riffs intertwined with hardcore-like chugga-chugga riffs, very much like what Atreyu has recently accomplished. Singer Ben Swan's vocals are excellent, occasionally straying from the typical neo-hardcore yell to a lower, death metal style. At other times, he sings, his voice straining against the volume of the music. After the seventh track, "Serengeti," a cool Soulfly-like tribal piece, the metal/hardcore riffing and song structures begin to get repetitive. A little more variety and The Tides of Tragedy could've been a very good album.

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